TRP613 Sailor Dude Sticker Book (Vol. 1)


Sailor Dude Sticker Book (Vol. 1) contains 14 unique Sailor Dude die-cut stickers.  

TRP613 is a local Ottawa street artist. He uses stickers, wheatpaste, stencils and spray paint to create his art. He has done many murals around Ottawa. He is a high school teacher by day and soft-core vandal by night. He attended Carleton University and graduated with a degree in Art History. He believes that art should be free for everyone to see. You shouldn’t have to pay to see art and this is why street art is so appealing to TRP613.

Have you seen his iconic “Sailor Dude” around?!
He doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs. He does ART!

TRP613 sells art and merch on his website

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