King Kimbit – Life Lessons Poetically 2 CD Set


King Kimbit’s Live Lessons Poetically, 2 disc set featuring 20 original tracks, released 2017


Life Lessons Poetically is a reflection of lived experiences by King Kimbit, born as Nguyễn Anh Thư, daughter of two educators from the Vietnamese “boat people” diaspora whose refuge on turtle island had brought them together. This collection of poems, along with the respective musical arrangements, illustrate the lessons learned and insight gained so far in the quarter century of the journey through intersections. Despite the inevitable presence of oppressive white supremacy and patriarchy, there is beauty in telling stories of life and death, revealing the healing and survival of women and the world.

“My mission is to instill the vision that still, we glisten, and to continue to remind us that no light can blind us when standing in truth”.

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