House of PainT- Giving Tuesday Champions

October 19, 2023

Help us continue our legacy, so  House of PainT can live on for another 20 years!

This year was House of PainT’s 20th Anniversary.  While it is amazing that we have been here for so long and continue to celebrate and elevate Hip Hop, this year came with a host of challenges. 

Due to flooding during the week of our Main Event in August, our park permit was revoked from the City of Ottawa, and with less than 24 hours’ notice. Even though our entire set-up was complete, we had to find new venues for our amazing programming. HoP didn’t stop. The community came out and a version of the festival went on.

However, we went from thousands being able to attend to hundreds. This was a huge financial blow to a small festival like ours. The countless hours of overtime for partners and volunteers, smaller audiences for performers, and additional strain on staff resources/ morale were devastating.

Currently, our 2024 Festival is in jeopardy. We have a lofty goal of $20,000; not only to help recover lost funds from the cancellation of this year’s Main Event, but also to give us a solid foundation to keep our upcoming events free and as accessible as possible for everyone to attend. 

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