B-Boy Vicious began dancing on the streets in 1998 and turned pro in 2006. A member of Sweet Technique,Boogie Brats and 20th Century bboys. now, his experiences with traveling and breaking and how he has connected with so many different people in the worldwide community inspired him.

Vicious cites his style as “straight to the point: vicious. When i dance or battle i try to preserve the essence of my crews and represent where i come from including my family,friends and my inspirations.

Vicious is Champion around the world in one of the biggest international bboy competitions.

• The Top wanted x FSS, Hong Kong

• United Styles 11, Boston, É.-U.
• Breakopoly, Miami, É.-U.
• Radikal Forze 17th Anniversary, Singapore

• Outbreak Europe, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

• Outbreak 10 world final, Orlando, É.-U.
• Forgotten Styles, Toronto, Canada
• Texas Illest, Houston, É.-U.
• Rockin Heat, Jacksonville, É.-U.
• Dynamic Rockers Anniversary, New York, É.-U.

• Gravity Rock 2012, Montréal, Canada
• Born to Get Down, Boston, É.-U.

• United Styles 7, Boston, É.-U.
• Can I Get a Soul Clap, Montréal, Canada

Invited as judge:
• Keep It moving Vol.1 China,Beijing

• District Classic (World Bboy Classic),
Washington D.C., É.-U.
• Breakin Point 4vs4, Melbourne, Australie

• B-1, Tokyo, Japon
• United Styles 9, Boston, É.-U.
• Alpha Break, Quito, Équateur

• Duelo en el desierto, Almeria, Espagne

Bboy vicious is also and organizer of events back in his hometown, one of the biggests competition in Canada named Skillz-O-Meter and The Centipede.

Today vicious is still active and competes,teach and share he’s passion around the world. One of the top bboys in Canada.