Alex Lost

Exposed to music at an early age, Alex Lost always had an ear for great sound and taste. With many different genres being played around him in his household, the artist fell in love with great sound. Growing up in the east end of Ottawa, his friends and family members would constantly play classic hip hop and R&B songs. The likes of many artists ranging from Nelly to the Bee Gees were in constant rotation in his household. At 12 years old, rather than just listening to classics Alex Lost decided to start making them. With encouragement from the people around him he decided to pursue a career in rapping.

His lyrics are very personal and he takes pride in expressing oneself through songwriting. Every week he would rap to crowds at lunch time in his high school and upon returning home he would continue to do just that. Honing and perfecting his craft while slowly building a fanbase. From anywhere to busses, half time at basketball games, fast food places, and even libraries, Alex Lost has just about spit a verse everywhere in order to get people to know about him. Fast forward to today, the recently turned 18 year old has the world on his shoulders. Alex’s round face has been on the front pages of many online magazines and websites. His fanbase dubbed the “Lost Legion” is on his side. His supporters are known as the “lostboys” and “lostgirls” and they are not growing by the month, but by the week. The Lost Legion is on its way to growing by the day and it’s up to you to be part of it. After all, he is not just any other artist. He’s the people’s artist.