House of PainT Staff

Interim General Manager
Sami “Slynks” Elkout

Communications and Marketing
Christina Devine

Communications Coordinator
Thomas Radford

Music Coordinator
Mike Mikkelsen

Operations Coordinator
Sergio Guerra

Knowledge Conference Coordinator
Cara Gooding

Administrative Coordinator
Veronica Roy

Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator
David Pistol

Poetry Coordinator
Jamaal Jackson Rogers

House of PainT Board of Directors

Chair, François Levesque
Expertise in arts organization management, media, community outreach.

Vice-Chair, Sabra Ripley
HoP Founder, former Executive Director, expertise in community development, arts organization management.

Treasurer, Michael Gagnon, Ottawa
Expertise in financial management and accounting, fundraising.

Secretary, Kathryn Trevenen, Ottawa
Expertise in organizational development.

General Member, Adrienne Coddett, Ottawa
Expertise in arts organization management, youth and community work, cultural awareness and involvement, audience outreach.

General Member, Conor Cronin
Expertise in legal and organizational structure.

General Member, Erin Flynn
Expertise in organizational development, arts organization management.

General Member, Mark Duah
Expertise in community development, community work, fundraising and arts organization management.

General Member, Akash Sinah
Expertise in business management, fundraising, arts organization management,

2012 House of PainT Founding Members

Debby Landry, Chair

Sabra Ripley, Co-Chair

Sarah Lee, Treasurer

Gerald Dragon, Secretary

Rob Reid, Development