Aug. 6: Ottawa Footy Street Festival

Ottawa Footy Street Festival is a first of its kind in the area to be held Saturday, August 6th in the Byward Market from 11am – 7pm. It’s a unique, multi-cultural event that mirrors the values of the community, healthy living and good sportsmanship promoted by the international game.

For one day only, we will be transforming the side walk adjacent to George Street (near the Bay) of the ByWard Market for an event dedicated to soccer, arts, and entertainment, where Players, attendees and their families can participate in a fun, respectful, and passionate environment. Attendees will also be thrilled to witness some of the extra entertainment running throughout the day, such as: live art, DJ’s, and all style dance performances.

Street Soccer has many different styles played all over the world but what we consider Street Soccer to be is fluid play, faints, deception and extensive use of ground work and creative (entertaining) moves to beat your opponent, not to mention scoring beautiful goals. Throw in the backdrop of Ottawa’s scenic and historical Byward Market known by many and you have the makings of an extraordinary event for both participants and spectators.

Soccer as not just a game but rather a great uniting force – a universal language we speak and a common culture we share.

The tournament will target both competitive and recreational players, from regions such as (not limited to) Ottawa Central Orleans, Gloucester, Nepean, Barrhaven, Riverside South, and Kanata. Structure will be a 3v3 round robin group stage, followed by a playoff knockout round to determine a champion. Teams will compete in 12 minute games, within a 25×15 yard field with two nets.

Basic information, rules and regulations:
– Team fee: $100.00
– 5 players max per team
– Coed requires 1 girl on at all times
– Athletic Therapists on site
– Youth category is U15 and will require adult registration and supervision.
– Youth may require to show I.D. upon request.
– Games will be refereed
– 12 minute games / 15 min finals
– no goal keeper / no hands (at all)
– mini nets (size may vary)

* There will be prizes and trophies for all champions
* A positive attitude and proper sportsmanship is required
* Games are being played on concrete. Please dress accordingly
* All participants will have to register, pay team fee, and sign a waiver before their first games

In2Sports Ottawa: 613-680-4625,
Instagram: @ottawafootystreet
Hashtag: #ottawafootystreet