About Us



Mission and Vision

The House of PainT Festival of Urban Arts and Culture (HoP) has as a mandate to celebrate and elevate urban arts and culture in Ottawa.

HoP fulfills its vision through:

  • Celebrating hip hop arts by presenting master, mid-career and emerging artists.
  • Contributing to the professional development of Ottawa-area practitioners; providing opportunities to perform, network/knowledge share with local, Canadian and international multi-disciplinary artists.
  • Promoting the development of a positive hip hop culture based on respect, inclusiveness and the pursuit of artistic excellence in all the elements.
  • Presenting an authentic urban culture context that educates the general public about the history and potential of hip hop culture.
  • Building a Canadian hip hop cultural identity,
  • Maintaining access to the House of PainT legal graffiti wall while emphasizing the value of public art spaces and creative use of urban dead zones.
  • Throwing an epic party for the community and strives to attract new audiences and stimulate participation by taking creative risks.

Our core program is the House of PainT Festival, an annual event that celebrates and elevates hip hop art and culture. It is one of the largest and longest running Hip Hop festival in Canada, and runs in late August. Over 5,000 attendees witness an array of artistic talents, from street dance performances and battles, to MC showcases, DJ competitions, Slam poetry, graffiti art, photography and more.


The House of PainT main event takes place underneath the Dunbar bridge (at Brewer Park) in Ottawa, Canada.  The location features a massive overpass that provides a large sheltered area over one of Canada’s premier legal graffiti walls.  With fields, parks and a river surrounding it, it is a unique blend of nature and concrete in the middle of the capital city.