Art has the power to inspire, provoke conversation and shape our Canadian culture. For 80 years, Wallack’s has focused its efforts on supporting the projects of local artists and seeing their creations come to life. No project is too daring or impossible to tackle—there is always room to dream up a solution and turn a vision into a reality.


Wallack’s is committed to going above and beyond for artists to help them find the right materials to express themselves on their creative journey. As a business with deep family values and ties to the community, the support for artists extends outside of the realm of products and supplies. Together with events like the House of PainT festival, Wallack’s aims to empower artists through community initiatives and contribute to the development of Ottawa practitioners.


Find the right materials to suit your artistic style


As an artist, your materials shape your creative style and influence how you work. The staff at Wallack’s is committed to finding the best solution for everyone who walks through the door with a question or hurdle they need to jump over. Whether you’re a master, mid-career or emerging artist, you’ll be able to talk to someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about art—most are artists themselves and participate in local shows.


Never stop dreaming up your next art project


Let your imagination run wild… and then breathe life into your project. No matter how crazy your idea may sound, we’re here to listen and work with you to make it a reality. Everyone at Wallack’s has the willingness and drive to find creative, customized solutions to any obstacle. From custom canvases and framing, to lamination and stretching, you can trust the professional advice of the Wallack’s team.


Experience artists of all expressions


Creating your own artwork is satisfying, but experiencing the world of other creators will keep you inspired. Immerse yourself in the incredible talent at exhibitions like House of PainT in Ottawa, held under the Dunbar bridge at one of the only legal graffiti art walls in the city. A celebration of hip hop arts, the festival promotes a positive and inclusive hip hop culture and artistic excellence. It brings together graffiti artists, street dancers, MCs, DJs and poets, emphasizing the value of public art spaces and the creative use of urban dead zones.


Join Wallack’s and House of PainT to celebrate Canadian urban arts and culture and find supplies for your own masterpiece at Wallack’s.