With all the energy that surrounds House of Paint, none quite compares to the engaging experience of the OG 500 Poetry Slam. Introduced in 2012, the OG 500 is a spoken word showcase that hosts a concert by a renowned feature artist, followed by an intense three round cypher of words, wits and theatre. 12 of the best wordsmiths compete in a head-to-head battle to let their pen speak. One winner is crowned at the end of the night with the status of the HoP OG Slam Champ and a $500 reward!

The OG500 has brought the likes of Moe Clarke, D’bi Young Anitafrika, The Recipe poetry troupe and Maestro Fresh Wes to open the slam and set the bar for the wordsmith gladiators.

This event is Ottawa’s most anticipated poetry slam of the year and is famed for its unique live voting format. In the first two rounds the fate of every head to head bout is decided by the audience; spectators cast votes for their favourite poet to advance into the next round. The third and final round will be judged by our panel of selected celebrity judges!

The evening is made even more grand by the ambiance of the venue, with previous locations including the Mayfair Theatre, Shopify assembly hall and Babylon Nightclub. House of PainT fans looking to get ready for a weekend of urban art celebration should look no further as the OG 500 Poetry Slam kicks off the five day festival with word, sound, poetry and power.